Author Topic: Simple instruction for MIDI setup for new users  (Read 4294 times)

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Simple instruction for MIDI setup for new users
« on: 12. June 2015, 03:52:24 »
Originally written by PeterOrgue at the German MPS Orgelseite

Hello everyone

I have just started using GrandOrgue again after a break of a few years, and wracked my brains trying to remember how to set MIDI up...this is very simple for people used to the software, but for neophytes like me, it took a bit of trial and error.

So, a simple note:

- Right click the lowest note of the manual (keyboard) you want to use
- Click the 'Listen for event' button
- Press the key on your external MIDI keyboard.

Do the same for the uppermost key you want to use.
GrandOrgue will thus pick up the MIDI channel and lowest/highest notes you want to use on that manual.

Hope this helps someone (very new!) to the software!


Originally written by martin at the German MPS Orgelseite

You only need to use "listen for events" once - you can use any key from the keyboard. Lowest/Highest key has to be filled in manually, if you need this advanced function (eg. for short octave or to split your keyboards).

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Re: Simple instruction for MIDI setup for new users
« Reply #1 on: 07. July 2015, 18:59:04 »
* For normal manual assignments, use the "Listen for events" button.
* For complex manual assignments [eg. short octave, second touch]. use "detect complex MIDI event". The result is affected by how strong/weak you press the manual keys during setup.
* For anything else, use "detect complex MIDI event"