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Forum related / Web server was down
« on: 13. December 2017, 00:03:04 »
Due to a disturbance of our web server the MPS organ page was unfortunately
from 10 to 12.12.2017 out of service.
All forum entries and user registrations between 6.12. and 10.12.
unfortunately could not be restored.

We ask new users to register again and existing users
if necessary, re-adjust relevant forum entries.

Forum related / Forum online again
« on: 19. November 2017, 14:05:04 »
The MPS GrandOrgue Forum was down for about 3 days.
After an update of the forum software to SMF 2.0.14 the forum didn't load. It showed, that the needed PHP-version is actually 5.4 and not 5.3 as promised by the update-requirements.
After updating the server software, now we have the needed PHP version and so the forum now is online again.

Sorry for the interruption.


Forum related / 2936 Spammers blocked up until today
« on: 25. January 2016, 13:28:19 »
Dear GrandOrgue friends,

our forum software says: '2936 Spammers blocked up until today'
But nevertheless 69 'clean users' registered until now.   :)

At the beginning I got a little bit frustrated, because it seems to be a lot of trouble, always deleting spammers and their spam posts. But then I activated a higher protection level during registration procedure and integrated automatic rejection of spammers by

Since then it's much more relaxing for me.  8)

I started with this forum an experiment.
Today I make a short review about this forum, just for myself:

- Most of you are writing in English language, with few exceptions.
- Some questions of users are not answered until now.
- Many users say nothing until now.
- The admin (I myself) is writing postings rarely.

My main intention was a platform for all who want to discuss in their mother language.
So maybe, they are not reached all until now. Or all GrandOrgue users speak also English?
It primarily should be a forum for you. Less for the admin as an animator.  ;D

Would be nice, if there would be a bit more activity.
Seems the admin should push?
Some suggestions?

Thanks to all users


Forum related / Now possible to write
« on: 23. June 2015, 15:48:20 »
Dear users,

a kind user wrote me an email, because it was not possible to reply to a forum post or to create new topics.

That was true, but of course not intended. ;D

But now I give the write permissions to all users.

I´m so sorry


Café / Coffee or tea?
« on: 12. June 2015, 04:07:34 »
I prefere hot chocolate  :D

And You?



English / Simple instruction for MIDI setup for new users
« on: 12. June 2015, 03:52:24 »
Originally written by PeterOrgue at the German MPS Orgelseite

Hello everyone

I have just started using GrandOrgue again after a break of a few years, and wracked my brains trying to remember how to set MIDI up...this is very simple for people used to the software, but for neophytes like me, it took a bit of trial and error.

So, a simple note:

- Right click the lowest note of the manual (keyboard) you want to use
- Click the 'Listen for event' button
- Press the key on your external MIDI keyboard.

Do the same for the uppermost key you want to use.
GrandOrgue will thus pick up the MIDI channel and lowest/highest notes you want to use on that manual.

Hope this helps someone (very new!) to the software!


Originally written by martin at the German MPS Orgelseite

You only need to use "listen for events" once - you can use any key from the keyboard. Lowest/Highest key has to be filled in manually, if you need this advanced function (eg. for short octave or to split your keyboards).

English / Our GrandOrgue users
« on: 12. June 2015, 03:45:58 »
Please let us know something about you !

May be you will answer us some of the following questions, or write what ever you want.
  • Where did you first hear about GrandOrgue?
  • When did you hear about GrandOrgue?
  • Do you use GrandOrgue as your only virtual organ?
  • What is the kind of your hardware using with GrandOrgue (Computer, Keyboards, e.g.) ?
  • Which sample sets do you use with GrandOrgue?
  • Which sample sets do you miss for GrandOrgue?
  • Are you satisfied with GrandOrgue?
  • Do you have some suggestions to integrate in GrandOrgue for the future?

Thank YOU - this may help us and the developers of GrandOrgue,
and will also help you to get most out of your virtual organ in the future.

Is it possible to use Hauptwerk sample sets with GrandOrgue?

The software GrandOrgue is basically largely compatible with Hauptwerk when it comes to playing the individual samples. However, this is only true on unencrypted sample files in .wav format. Unfortunately, many samples for Hauptwerk are only in encrypted .hbw or .hbx file format. This format must be used only for Hauptwerk because of legal reasons. Therefore the use of such encrypted sample sets with GrandOrgue is unfortunately not possible.

But there are many, even very large and beautiful sample sets have been produced for Hauptwerk and do not use encrypted sample files. These can be used in principle with GrandOrgue. However, this requires that an appropriate organ definition file (ODF) in GrandOrgue format exists for it. Since so far only a few manufacturers provide for their sample set also GrandOrgue ODF files, we are among others, specialized to create such organ definitions and to spread them. These are provided here in the Downloads area for all members of this MPS GrandOrgue Forum free of charge.

English / What is a sample set?
« on: 12. June 2015, 03:20:08 »
What is a sample set?

A sample set is generally considered a collection of related audio recordings (samples).

With respect to a virtual pipe organ sample set entails the integration of sound recordings and organ definitions that are required to be able to play a specific organ virtually. It includes all sounds and also functional, logical connections that are necessary to represent a virtual organ. In today's common practice, are mostly the sounds of any pipe and almost any noise, such as wind engine or Keyboards, recorded separately (sampled) and summarized after appropriate workup in a sample set, which can then be played as a virtual organ.

 Part of each sample set is (min.) a so-called organ definition file (ODF). This describes the technical functional relationships between individual works, pipes, wind chests, keyboards, tracker Actions etc. of an organ and is designed in each case for the format of a particular virtual organ software (eg. Hauptwerk-ODF or GrandOrgue-ODF).

 There are now a large number of sample sets of different original pipe organs of different styles and epochs of organ building. Also very famous organs are there already as sample sets, such as by Silbermann, Cavaillé Coll, Schnitger or Walcker organs.

English / Where can I get sample sets for GrandOrgue?
« on: 12. June 2015, 03:02:03 »
Where can I get sample sets for GrandOrgue?

Click here for a list of free sample sets for GrandOrgue

Also look in our "Downloads" area !

English / Where can I get GrandOrgue?
« on: 12. June 2015, 02:57:57 »
Where can I get GrandOrgue?

GrandOrgue is available for different operating system platforms!

For Windows 32-bit or 64-bit:

Download the latest development versions of GrandOrgue

For Linux-based platforms:

Under the above link, below the versions for Windows, there is a further link to the Linux versions.

For OS X:

GrandOrgue is also available for users of OS X. If you are interested please ask here in the forum!

English / What's GrandOrgue?
« on: 12. June 2015, 02:50:14 »
What's GrandOrgue?

GrandOrgue is a computer-based pipe organ simulation program. This makes it possible for anyone to make the sounds from many famous pipe organs audible at home and above all playable. The software GrandOrgue is programmed under a free license and can be downloaded from the Internet and be used completely FREE !

Model was the program "Hauptwerk", which was released in 2003 by the Englishman Martin Dyde and is currently being developed and marketed by Milan Digital Audio. For this, there are already numerous known sample sets of original pipe organs, which are offered by various manufacturers.

GrandOrgue is evolving rapidly at the time and has gained over previous versions enormously functional range and sound quality! So it is now possible to use many of these beautiful Hauptwerk sample sets with GrandOrgue in stunning quality - provided appropriate adjustments.

Please help other users ! Make this forum multilingual !

Please translate postings of this forum into as many languages as possible !!!

Simply post your translation on the board of the corresponding language.

Users are very welcome, to discuss in their languages !!!

For any questions or suggestions about translations we can discuss here !


other languages / Vietnamese - welcome - Chào mừng
« on: 05. June 2015, 02:34:54 »
Chào mừng

Tên tôi là Michael.

Thông báo này tôi đã dịch với Google.

Tôi hy vọng bạn có thể hiểu được nó.

Hãy nói ở đây về GrandOrgue trong ngôn ngữ của bạn.

Dịch các văn bản trong mục này sang ngôn ngữ khác bạn có thể.

Xin được loại để những người khác.

Cảm ơn và vui chơi ở đây.


other languages / Urdu - welcome - آمدید
« on: 05. June 2015, 02:34:28 »

میرا نام مائیکل ہے.

میں نے گوگل کے ساتھ ترجمہ یہ پیغام.

میں آپ کو یہ سمجھ سکتے ہیں امید.

آپ کی زبان میں یہاں GrandOrgue کے بارے میں بات کریں.

آپ کر سکتے ہیں کسی دوسری زبان میں اس فورم میں متون کا ترجمہ.

دوسروں کے لئے قسم کی ہو، براہ مہربانی.

شکریہ اور یہاں مزہ ہے.


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