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What's GrandOrgue?
« on: 12. June 2015, 02:50:14 »
What's GrandOrgue?

GrandOrgue is a computer-based pipe organ simulation program. This makes it possible for anyone to make the sounds from many famous pipe organs audible at home and above all playable. The software GrandOrgue is programmed under a free license and can be downloaded from the Internet and be used completely FREE !

Model was the program "Hauptwerk", which was released in 2003 by the Englishman Martin Dyde and is currently being developed and marketed by Milan Digital Audio. For this, there are already numerous known sample sets of original pipe organs, which are offered by various manufacturers.

GrandOrgue is evolving rapidly at the time and has gained over previous versions enormously functional range and sound quality! So it is now possible to use many of these beautiful Hauptwerk sample sets with GrandOrgue in stunning quality - provided appropriate adjustments.
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