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English / Re: Grand Orgue not compatible with LINUX MINT 18.2
« Last post by veromary on 23. April 2018, 01:41:05 »
I had trouble installing Grand Orgue on Linux Mint today - the key seems to have expired. Here's what worked:

sudo apt -o Acquire::AllowInsecureRepositories=true -o Acquire::AllowDowngradeToInsecureRepositories=true update

and then

sudo apt-get -o APT::Get::AllowUnauthenticated=true install grandorgue

Installing the deb package manually didn't work as it came up with an unsatisfiable dependency (grandorgue-resources if I remember correctly)

Hope that helps
English / Re: stops on right or left output channel
« Last post by martin on 18. March 2018, 13:10:04 »
GO allows you to put stops (or pipes) into different (stereo) audio groups - you can mix them to the audio output channels in any way you like.
The only issue is, that you typically have stereo samples - you must create a down mix in GO, that you like.
English / stops on right or left output channel
« Last post by tournevase on 17. March 2018, 11:02:17 »

i'm new on this forum but i use grandorgue for few years : M AUDIO Oxygen 49 keyboard + windows XP.
I'm going to build a renaissance case with loudspeakers inside.
Is it possible to play some stops on the right audio output of the pc used, and others on the right output ?
for instance to isolate reeds stops.

English / Re: random clicks and pops
« Last post by martin on 10. March 2018, 12:10:17 »
Increase latency / samples per buffer.
GO must produce the audio packets at regular intervals. Lower samples per buffer values mean more shorter packets. Latency influences the number of additional audio packets produced in advance. If GO does not finish audio processing in time (eg. because something else is stealing CPU time), you hear cracks. Larger values mean more safety margins.
English / random clicks and pops
« Last post by haitch on 09. March 2018, 17:13:00 »
As a new user, I am very excited about GrandOrgue and really enjoying it.
One persistent problem: i get occasional clicks and pops from the speakers, that seem to occur at random, although often when moving from one note to another. I thought this was a grounding issue, but I ran a ground wire from the Mac Pro to the amplifier and it's still happening.

I have polyphony set at 1024, volume is not clipping, samples per buffer at 160 and latency at 0.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm new to the world of MIDI and it's a bit baffling.

David Henderson, Brooklyn, NY
English / Re: Problem with audio/midi control
« Last post by martin on 26. February 2018, 09:12:47 »
Look at the desired latency setting in the GO audio output settings - it ships with very conservative settings.
English / Re: Problem with audio/midi control
« Last post by haitch on 26. February 2018, 00:07:47 »
Thank you Martin! It works again, but still can't get it to output via the DAC. At least the headphone out works now.
Another newbie question: I have never played an actual pipe organ, so I don't know, but it seems like the delay between pressing a key and pipe sounding is excessive, even in high notes. Is this normal or is there some setting I'm missing?
Thanks a million
English / Re: Problem with audio/midi control
« Last post by martin on 25. February 2018, 21:50:44 »
Global settings are stored in $HOME/Library/Preferences/GrandOrgue

English / Problem with audio/midi control
« Last post by haitch on 25. February 2018, 20:13:52 »
Hello, I am new to this forum, and new to organs in general.
I had installed GrandOrgue on my MacPro (2009, 12 cores, 24G RAM) and it was running fine. However, I could only get the audio to come out the headphone jack, not out USB and into my external DAC. The DAC works fine for other applications. I tried to add an output device in "Audio Output". Still no output to the DAC. So I deleted the default, original device. The application froze up, and I had to force quit.
After restarting the computer, reinstalling GrandOrgue, cleaning all caches (using Onyx) I cannot launch the Audio/Midi Settings pane without the program freezing.
Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED since I am dead in the water right now......
A GrandOrgue ODF for the Laurenskerk sample already exists and is available from this forum.

I have not purchased the Laurenskerk sample set, but I have combined the wet demo sample set with other demo sample sets so I can't answer your question about using the dry version.

Tom Beck
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