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English / Re: Fitting a sample set into available space
« on: 16. May 2018, 20:32:58 »
The demo set uses about 500 MB RAM [look at the organ properties].

I would not state "they are not true samples". It uses lots of tricks (eg. by sharing samples) to reduce its disk footprint, but its based on one of Lars samplesets.

Its "birth" has been handled in a thread @, if you are interested in more details.

English / Re: Grand Orgue not compatible with LINUX MINT 18.2
« on: 29. April 2018, 16:56:32 »
The repository signing key is automatically manged by the open build service - as each key has an expiration date, it changes from time to time.

You can always lookup the current key:

I don't keep track of these processes - there must have been a key change before October 2017.

English / Re: stops on right or left output channel
« on: 18. March 2018, 13:10:04 »
GO allows you to put stops (or pipes) into different (stereo) audio groups - you can mix them to the audio output channels in any way you like.
The only issue is, that you typically have stereo samples - you must create a down mix in GO, that you like.

English / Re: random clicks and pops
« on: 10. March 2018, 12:10:17 »
Increase latency / samples per buffer.
GO must produce the audio packets at regular intervals. Lower samples per buffer values mean more shorter packets. Latency influences the number of additional audio packets produced in advance. If GO does not finish audio processing in time (eg. because something else is stealing CPU time), you hear cracks. Larger values mean more safety margins.

English / Re: Problem with audio/midi control
« on: 26. February 2018, 09:12:47 »
Look at the desired latency setting in the GO audio output settings - it ships with very conservative settings.

English / Re: Problem with audio/midi control
« on: 25. February 2018, 21:50:44 »
Global settings are stored in $HOME/Library/Preferences/GrandOrgue

The GO internal MIDI player had always played (on a two manual organ) the pedals from channel 3 [for non-GO MIDI recordings]. Before 2205, events would have been matched manual assignments too - yielding to playing the pedal from two channels.

GO MIDI recordings are different, because the various GO sysex adapt the MIDI matching.

PS: If you are using an external MIDI player, please make sure, that it creates a (virtual) MIDI port, GO can connect to.

Are the MIDI files GO recordings (played back on the same or different sampleset)?

English / Re: Grand Orgue not compatible with LINUX MINT 18.2
« on: 22. December 2017, 22:06:25 »
Determine, which Ubuntu version your Linux is based and make sure, that you install GO for that Ubuntu version.

Else: You can grab the GO source package for that Ubuntu version (3 files) and compile it yourself:
Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install build-essential fakeroot
dpkg-source -x grandorgue*.dsc
cd grandorgue-0.3.*
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

Your computer should do the same as any expander: Receive MIDI events from the organ MIDI out and send the audio signal to any kind of speakers.

In your case, connect organ MIDI out to MIDI in of your PC and PC midi out to the organ audio in. If the audio in is intented for an expander, it should mix the external audio signal with the organ sound.

Has the organ an audio input? You need to connect the laptop audio output to the speakers.

English / Re: Loading Sample error when certain keys are pressed
« on: 15. October 2017, 22:21:23 »
You configured a MIDI organ change event in the GO settings/Organs for the loaded organ.

English / Re: Memory in Windows XP
« on: 25. July 2017, 22:59:06 »
The GO memory usage is reported in the organ properties. Otherwise look at the windows task manager.

English / Re: Help! I have messed up!
« on: 20. July 2017, 01:19:43 »
Loading the demo organ with 8 GB RAM should not crash GO even without any memory limit.
Any loading process is interruptable - so unless the loading is too fast, aborting loading before filling up the memory should be possible.

All global GO settings are stored in a file named GrandOrgueConfig in your user profile directory - remove that file.

English / Re: Can't connect external stops
« on: 24. June 2017, 21:24:24 »
Here you can get GO binaries for all major distributions:

As the messages are reaching the GO Log windows, there is no plattform specific code in between - it should be handled the same on all platforms.

* CPU of your organ PC?
* Linux distribution and release?
* Any distribution packages replaced?
* wxWidgets version?
* Xorg X11 in use?
* GO version?
* GO sound generation working (eg. turn a stop and key via mouse on)?
* What is exactly logged for the MIDI messages in the GO message window?
* Any (message) popup windows open/showed by GO?

If the playback is working, enable MIDI monitoring, right click on a stop, on the receive tab click on "Listen for event". The button should stay pressed and the cursor changes to the waiting symbol. Trigger a MIDI message (GO should react to 9x note, Bx control change, CX control change) - it should be listed in the Log window and the dialog content changes.

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