Author Topic: Caching problem  (Read 853 times)

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Caching problem
« on: 02. November 2016, 19:43:12 »
I am trying to create a sample set. I use LoopAuditioneer to set loops and cue point. However, when I save the  wav file and open the organ definition file in Grand Orgue, there is no change of the original file. Clearing the cache and reloading the organ doesnt help.  :-\

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Re: Caching problem
« Reply #1 on: 02. November 2016, 22:41:14 »
Are you sure, that you are changing the correct file [modifed time changes in the file manager, relativ path matches the ODF entry]?

If any used sample file is changed, GO should report a cache mismatch during the next load and rebuild the cache automatically.

PS: "Strict ODF mode" help to find errors - I'm not sure, if it would help in your case.