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English / Recording of Piotr Grabowski's LIPINY Organ - Guilmant
« Last post by Pneuma on 18. April 2017, 21:58:23 »
Guilmant Grand Chouer - from MIDI file found on the internet. No changes in registration throughout piece but it still sounds great. I would encourage donations to him via his web site. His Sample Sets are outstanding.

English / MIDI and pedal
« Last post by Aster on 11. April 2017, 20:21:20 »
I made sheet music using MuseScore and exported it to MIDI.
What should I do to make the organ playing also on pedal? I have tried to add the third line - nothing, then to put very low notes - nothing.
Any suggestion?
English / Re: GO LIve
« Last post by Mick Berg on 05. April 2017, 02:49:05 »
Hi Martin.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry I didn't see it sooner, I don't seem to be getting email notifications from this forum, which I will look into.

English / Re: Introducing myself
« Last post by Mick Berg on 05. April 2017, 02:44:19 »
Thanks Dave, much appreciated. Is it not in the list of free GO sample sets?
English / French Reed Samples
« Last post by Pneuma on 03. April 2017, 07:48:12 »
Does anyone know of some French Reed Samples available for free? (That is, "nasty, nasal, loud reeds").
English / Re: Introducing myself
« Last post by Pneuma on 02. April 2017, 17:49:47 »
Mick - I will try to find out. If unable, I will put it up for you on the MEGA.NZ Cloud or on my own web service at in a special folder. - Regards, Dave Gorgas
English / Dates of posts?
« Last post by Mick Berg on 01. April 2017, 20:03:31 »
How do you see the date of posts in this forum?

English / Re: Introducing myself
« Last post by Mick Berg on 01. April 2017, 19:57:46 »
Where is the free Silbermann you mention? I just have Joseph Basquin's and it was $100 bucks. (Very nice)
English / Why Russian and not English?
« Last post by Pneuma on 28. March 2017, 20:14:14 »
Why is it that frequently when I check in to this forum, the language comes up Russian? Have I been hacked (hahaha). I have nothing against Russians, but just don't understand any of their language!
English / Re: Audio Interface for Grand Orgue linux
« Last post by Pneuma on 26. March 2017, 23:11:45 »
Just noticed the place for latency is in Sound Output. My setting apparently defaulted to 50ms. In reading Martin's previous response, I could not theoretically ask fo lower than 47ms given that I have ALSA and 1024.
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