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English / Re: Loading Sample error when certain keys are pressed
« Last post by martin on 15. October 2017, 22:21:23 »
You configured a MIDI organ change event in the GO settings/Organs for the loaded organ.
English / Loading Sample error when certain keys are pressed
« Last post by midtereric on 15. October 2017, 00:52:58 »
When I press certain keys on the keyboard, the "Loading Sample set" screen pops up and GrandOrgue reverts back to the sample organ.  Even when using the sample organ the same thing happens.  It is the same keys but different keys on different manuals.  This is my setup:

two midi keyboards = MAudio Keystation 61, Roland JX3p
computer - win 10, 8 GB ram,. Intel 7i processor. only 5 Gb of ram is in use when running GrandOrgue
sample sets used = Kalvtrask Church extended, Pitea School of Music, Pitea positive organ

I am able to used the keyboards on the Hauptwerk trial software without issues so the hardware doesn't seem to be the issue.

Any ideas on the cause?


Eric J
English / Re: Memory in Windows XP
« Last post by martin on 25. July 2017, 22:59:06 »
The GO memory usage is reported in the organ properties. Otherwise look at the windows task manager.
English / Memory in Windows XP
« Last post by Mick Berg on 23. July 2017, 20:27:37 »
Sorry to ask a Windows question on this forum but I am sticking with XP because it supports my old Edirol Midi interface and I don't want to buy Windows 10. But I can't see how to monitor memory usage in XP. Any help appreciated.
English / Re: Help! I have messed up!
« Last post by Mick Berg on 20. July 2017, 04:58:53 »
Thanks Martin.
I will do that. Maybe something else was wrong.
All the best,

PS Where are the settings in this forum? I would like to have email notifications of posts.
English / Re: Help! I have messed up!
« Last post by martin on 20. July 2017, 01:19:43 »
Loading the demo organ with 8 GB RAM should not crash GO even without any memory limit.
Any loading process is interruptable - so unless the loading is too fast, aborting loading before filling up the memory should be possible.

All global GO settings are stored in a file named GrandOrgueConfig in your user profile directory - remove that file.

English / Help! I have messed up!
« Last post by Mick Berg on 19. July 2017, 06:43:49 »
I have upgraded the CPU, motherboard and memory in my GO computer. All went well until I tried to increase the memory allowance (I now have 8 gig) and set it to 0 which I believe means unlimited. However it did not go well and now GO crashes.

How can I start GO without loading an organ so I can change the settings back?

I tried loading the demo organ but the memory setting must have stuck as this organ crashes as well.

English / Re: Can't connect external stops
« Last post by martin on 24. June 2017, 21:24:24 »
Here you can get GO binaries for all major distributions:

As the messages are reaching the GO Log windows, there is no plattform specific code in between - it should be handled the same on all platforms.

* CPU of your organ PC?
* Linux distribution and release?
* Any distribution packages replaced?
* wxWidgets version?
* Xorg X11 in use?
* GO version?
* GO sound generation working (eg. turn a stop and key via mouse on)?
* What is exactly logged for the MIDI messages in the GO message window?
* Any (message) popup windows open/showed by GO?

If the playback is working, enable MIDI monitoring, right click on a stop, on the receive tab click on "Listen for event". The button should stay pressed and the cursor changes to the waiting symbol. Trigger a MIDI message (GO should react to 9x note, Bx control change, CX control change) - it should be listed in the Log window and the dialog content changes.

English / Re: Can't connect external stops
« Last post by bill.p on 23. June 2017, 16:03:46 »
Here's where I'm at now.
Using a simple program to inject sequences of bytes through Jack to GO I can now set up the stops to respond to controller messages on my desktop box. Using what is the same version of GO on the organ cpu with the same sequence of bytes coming from the Arduino GO fails to respond when 'listen to complex event' is pending. I've rebuilt GO on the organ box to ensure that it's the same version, and monitored the bytes going through jack, and it all looks identical, but no joy.

The events are logged in the GO message window, so they are reaching GO, but for some reason they don't get through to the right place?

If I run GO under gdb I see the bytes received, but I don't understand enough of the internals to track it down. It gets put onto a message queue and I assume some other thread is going to pull it off, but I don't know which file or function to look in to see what happens. Any pointers welcomed...

English / Re: Can't connect external stops
« Last post by martin on 22. June 2017, 09:18:38 »
I've now got the stop scanner working as far
as sending MIDI events, currently "0xB5 num 1/0" but this is only my first guess. It connects
via Jack and my jack midi monitor displays the events and looks good. :)

First, check that the MIDI device is enabled as input in the GO option.
GO also includes a display MIDI events options. After that, check, that the MIDI events are received by GO.

For stop setup, use "detect complex MIDI event".

PS: Some "num" of Control Change (0xB?) are reserved for special purposes.
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