Author Topic: Does it have a good result to buy dry samples of sonus paradisi,with convreverb?  (Read 305 times)

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 I really like the software grand orgue, however I have always find it hard to make the sound fit to my room. I was thinking of buying the dry version of the laurentzkerk sample set on sonus paradisi, make an appropriate odf file, and use jack to add external convolution reverb adapted to the output channels and the circumtances.

 But because those samples are so expensive, I was wondering if it was worth it to do so, and if it was even possible to achieve good result for this.

 I mean, in theory, if we have a very good impulsion response of a church, it should be possible to get a real sounding reverb using convolution.

 Also, how hard and time consuming it is to make an odf for grandorgue ?

 Also for those who own it I would like your opinion on the laurentskerk samples, I am trying to get a very complete set capable of sounding both very baroque and very french (even if actually I play only baroque)

 Thank you very much 1

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A GrandOrgue ODF for the Laurenskerk sample already exists and is available from this forum.

I have not purchased the Laurenskerk sample set, but I have combined the wet demo sample set with other demo sample sets so I can't answer your question about using the dry version.

Tom Beck