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English / Re: Using Loop Auditioneer
« Last post by martin on 01. December 2016, 19:54:20 »
Why do you want to repitch samples? GO is able to do this up to two octaves.
English / Re: Using Loop Auditioneer
« Last post by chilissimo on 01. December 2016, 00:20:58 »
Please attach one pipe-file (.wav) and the .organ-file to look at.
English / Re: Using Loop Auditioneer
« Last post by Pneuma on 30. November 2016, 20:59:39 »
I recently used some free .wav samples from Hauptwerk Samplesets to create a new stop for Grandorgue. I had to use Audacity first to take the few .wav files and copy them over and re-pitch them to create a full 36 through 96. Then I took each new sample through Loop Auditioneer and loaded the final result into a test Grandorgue Organ. I am frustrated because some of the notes continue to briefly play after the key is released They do stop but not immediately. Does anyone have a clue as to why and how to fix?
English / Re: Piano sample sets
« Last post by martin on 25. November 2016, 20:04:32 »
A good piano set is probably quite large, because it requires lots of different attacks [very much more than a organ].
English / Re: Piano sample sets
« Last post by chilissimo on 24. November 2016, 19:53:11 »
What about the other piano-sets on this site? Did you try them too?
English / Re: Piano sample sets
« Last post by chilissimo on 24. November 2016, 16:25:28 »
which one did you try?

English / Piano sample sets
« Last post by AndrewHJ on 24. November 2016, 11:07:05 »
Does anyone have experience of a good piano sample set? (Preferably free!)
I have tried one but found it disappointing, so suggestions welcome.
English / Four Organ Ensemble Demo MP3 File
« Last post by Pneuma on 21. November 2016, 07:08:05 »
I have a quad-core USDT HP-Compaq with 16GB DRAM and LINUX MINT 17. Am running GO version 2084 and have many free organs installed. Using "workspaces" 1 through 4 I opened four organs - Burea, Wildervank, Barton Theatre and Skrzatusz. After playing with registrations I came up with fabulous 4-organ ensemble registrations. I am not an organist - just play with headphones for my own enjoyment. I recently recorded some non-musical chord progressions to demonstrate the multiple organ effect and recorded the results into audacity and saved the file as .mp3. It is available at
English / Re: My new old organ project
« Last post by martin on 20. November 2016, 13:19:12 »
I currently run four organs at the same time using a computer with Quad-Core
If you run multiple GO instances concurrently on one computer, the default settings will overcommit, because the GO defaults are intended for running only one GO instance. Reduce concurrency and polyphony in all GO instances.
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