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English / Re: My new old organ project
« Last post by martin on 20. November 2016, 13:19:12 »
I currently run four organs at the same time using a computer with Quad-Core
If you run multiple GO instances concurrently on one computer, the default settings will overcommit, because the GO defaults are intended for running only one GO instance. Reduce concurrency and polyphony in all GO instances.
English / Re: My new old organ project
« Last post by martin on 20. November 2016, 12:49:22 »
The only issue I recently had was the need to fallback to an older version of Grand Orgue because the newer one created intermittent clipping of the sustained sounds. I use 3.1.2084 version now with no clipping glitches.
Clipping is triggered by overcommting your computers resources. Old GO versions just finish the full caluclations, regardless if that means, that it will finish too late and there can be audio dropouts [very short load spikes can be hidden by multiple audio buffers, which increase latency].
Newer GO versions start reducing their load, if there is not enough time. Either background activity steals CPU time or the polyphonie is too high.
English / Re: Suggestions for sample set
« Last post by Pneuma on 16. November 2016, 03:38:27 »
Be sure to let us know when you find one. I have downloaded a bunch of Hauptwerk free file sets with .wav files and am planning on running them thru Loop Auditioneer this winter to create substitutable stops which can be used to replace stops in the GO Sample Sets. A lot of work - using Audacity and Loop Auditioneer!

FYI - I currently run four organs at the same time using a computer with Quad-Core and 16GB RAM. I load them in multiple LINUX Work Spaces, then pick combinations on each for blending purposes. They are - Burea Church, Wildervank, Skrzatusz Sauer and the Barton Theatre. Makes for wonderful Principal Chorus and fabulous Tutti.
English / Suggestions for sample set
« Last post by AndrewHJ on 14. November 2016, 14:45:47 »
I am looking for a traditional three manual 'English' organ. There are plenty of choices for HW but I can't find anything for GO. Any ideas?
English / Re: GO for OSX
« Last post by martin on 12. November 2016, 10:45:26 »
No. GO binaries are built using OS X 10.11 / Xcode 7.3.

PS: Compiling for OS X 10.9 should be possible as it already uses libc++.
English / GO for OSX
« Last post by ArturJD on 11. November 2016, 23:36:25 »
Hi there,

Is there any GO version for OSX 10.9.5?

I tried to use the file from SourceForge ("Darwin" one), but an error occurs.

English / Re: Using Loop Auditioneer
« Last post by chilissimo on 08. November 2016, 23:58:31 »
Thank you, Pneuma, for the workaround for the 30-F#.wav. I tried it myself and had success :-)
Café / Re: Coffee or tea?
« Last post by chilissimo on 08. November 2016, 21:43:16 »
Morning: Coffee
Evening: Beer  8)
English / Re: Caching problem
« Last post by martin on 02. November 2016, 22:41:14 »
Are you sure, that you are changing the correct file [modifed time changes in the file manager, relativ path matches the ODF entry]?

If any used sample file is changed, GO should report a cache mismatch during the next load and rebuild the cache automatically.

PS: "Strict ODF mode" help to find errors - I'm not sure, if it would help in your case.
English / Caching problem
« Last post by Cellist1972 on 02. November 2016, 19:43:12 »
I am trying to create a sample set. I use LoopAuditioneer to set loops and cue point. However, when I save the  wav file and open the organ definition file in Grand Orgue, there is no change of the original file. Clearing the cache and reloading the organ doesnt help.  :-\
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