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English / Why Russian and not English?
« Last post by Pneuma on 28. March 2017, 20:14:14 »
Why is it that frequently when I check in to this forum, the language comes up Russian? Have I been hacked (hahaha). I have nothing against Russians, but just don't understand any of their language!
English / Re: Audio Interface for Grand Orgue linux
« Last post by Pneuma on 26. March 2017, 23:11:45 »
Just noticed the place for latency is in Sound Output. My setting apparently defaulted to 50ms. In reading Martin's previous response, I could not theoretically ask fo lower than 47ms given that I have ALSA and 1024.
English / Re: Audio Interface for Grand Orgue linux
« Last post by Pneuma on 26. March 2017, 03:58:16 »
I am ignorant about this. My GO LINUX System with 16gb and QuadCore uses ALSA and onboard built-in sound. Where do I find out these numbers for my system. Since I am not a genuine musician, I never am bothered by or aware of "latency" problems. Can someone enlighten me?
English / Re: samples/buffer, keying, and reverb
« Last post by Pneuma on 26. March 2017, 01:46:28 »
Finally tracked down the culprit for the key-pop sound on my 2084 setup. It came about when loading the SILBERMANN Sample Set. When I removed it from the mix it disappeared. Also, when I unloaded all the 4 organs and then reloaded SILBERMANN, the key-pop returned. If you kill the upper manual it goes away. Not sure how it is happening with the SILBERMANN Sample Set. Wish I could get rid of it, because removing the top manual makes the Trumpet Stop and Echo Organ unavailable. If anyone has a fix, please let me know.
Un saluto a tutti.

Ho intezione di costruire un organo come questo:

ma con tre manuali e pedaliera, e ovviamente usando il software Grandorg.

E' realizzabile secondo il vostro parere questo mio proggetto.
Italian - Italiano / Grandorgue con tre manuali e una pedaliera
« Last post by orima on 25. March 2017, 17:48:14 »
Ho scaricato da poco Grandorgue , l'ho installato e l'interfaccia grafica e' quella con due manuali e una pedaliera.

Dove posso trovare Grandorgue con l'interfaccia grafica che ha tre manuali e una pedaliera?

Grazie a tutti quelli che mi daranno una mano.
English / Barton 3/7 Professional Recording
« Last post by Pneuma on 24. March 2017, 10:45:30 »
Ken Barta passed a MIDI file to me with a medley of songs professionally registered and played on the Barton 3/7 Sample Set organ configured for Grand Orgue. Here is the link to the resulting .mp3 file I directly recorded from my computer's internal sound card using Audacity.

English / Can't log in on ?
« Last post by Seba14 on 21. March 2017, 12:10:34 »
Hi all

First and foremost, a huge thank you to the creators of this amazing software that I got on the same day than J.S. Bach's birthday  ;D

However, I registered on the German website but when I try to log in it says wrong password/ID (I checked several times, it IS correct)

Any help maybe ?

Merci beaucoup :D
English / Grand Orgue Linux Facebook Community Page
« Last post by Pneuma on 18. March 2017, 00:46:19 »
We recently created a Facebook Community-type page for Grand Orgue Linux users. Nothing much there yet but we welcome all Grand Orgue users - LINUX, WINDOWS and MAC.
English / Re: Bx controller problems
« Last post by Pneuma on 18. March 2017, 00:39:55 »
As a retired manufacturer of MIDI Interface Systems, all I can tell you is that Controller 7 in MIDI is the standard for controlling volume. I have one of our M128/256 MIDI Processors being used for Swell and Pedal but have not as yet lashed up our CPU Controller 7 A-to-D input. Unfortunately, I have no foot shoe for the input, so I simply have always left it jumpered HI (+5) for full Controller 7 level of 127. I recently located a test potentiometer in my workshop with a .100" socket connector and I'll try to test that soon and post a further reply.
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