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English / CAEN/ST ETEINNE and WALCKER-WIDERVANK simultaneously playing BACH
« Last post by Pneuma on 04. May 2017, 10:39:14 »
Thanks to sonusparadisi and Lars Palo, we Grand Orgue users now have a nice demo of the Cavaille-Coll organ at The Abbey of St Eteinne in CAEN, France. While the registration is huge I did not vary it, but I played a MIDI downloaded recording of a Bach piece. It can be watched and listened to at . If I were an organist and Understood proper registration it would be so much better.

The other organ playing simultaneously to round out upper-work is the free Sample Set of Walcker-Wildervank. Due to my hi-freq hearing loss I eq-ed the recording. Hope it does not hurt your ears. Loaded both organs at 20-bit, 1024 buffer and 48KHZ using 64-bit LINUX Mint with 1GB RAM. There is one tny brekup late in the piece due to overload, but it is overall worth listening to. Enjoy!
English / Re: GO LIve
« Last post by martin on 04. May 2017, 09:20:41 »
I doubt, that this causes boot issues - but using one stick on multiple machines might cause trouble, because eg. the saved settings have the audio interface of the other machine configured.
English / Re: GO LIve
« Last post by jzz on 01. May 2017, 22:14:02 »
I've had GO live on a usb stick running nicely, but I've added some other sample sets, and have been able to run them instead of the simple set included for GO live.
Haven't had enough time to follow up properly yet, (Easter services and choir rehearsals etc!), but I tried plugging same usb stick to a different machine and it didn't quite boot correctly, so I need to sort that out!
However, I think it's promising..
Thanks to all the people putting the work in!
English / Recording of Piotr Grabowski's LIPINY Organ - Guilmant
« Last post by Pneuma on 18. April 2017, 21:58:23 »
Guilmant Grand Chouer - from MIDI file found on the internet. No changes in registration throughout piece but it still sounds great. I would encourage donations to him via his web site. His Sample Sets are outstanding.

English / MIDI and pedal
« Last post by Aster on 11. April 2017, 20:21:20 »
I made sheet music using MuseScore and exported it to MIDI.
What should I do to make the organ playing also on pedal? I have tried to add the third line - nothing, then to put very low notes - nothing.
Any suggestion?
English / Re: GO LIve
« Last post by Mick Berg on 05. April 2017, 02:49:05 »
Hi Martin.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry I didn't see it sooner, I don't seem to be getting email notifications from this forum, which I will look into.

English / Re: Introducing myself
« Last post by Mick Berg on 05. April 2017, 02:44:19 »
Thanks Dave, much appreciated. Is it not in the list of free GO sample sets?
English / French Reed Samples
« Last post by Pneuma on 03. April 2017, 07:48:12 »
Does anyone know of some French Reed Samples available for free? (That is, "nasty, nasal, loud reeds").
English / Re: Introducing myself
« Last post by Pneuma on 02. April 2017, 17:49:47 »
Mick - I will try to find out. If unable, I will put it up for you on the MEGA.NZ Cloud or on my own web service at in a special folder. - Regards, Dave Gorgas
English / Dates of posts?
« Last post by Mick Berg on 01. April 2017, 20:03:31 »
How do you see the date of posts in this forum?

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