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A GrandOrgue ODF for the Laurenskerk sample already exists and is available from this forum.

I have not purchased the Laurenskerk sample set, but I have combined the wet demo sample set with other demo sample sets so I can't answer your question about using the dry version.

Tom Beck
Bonjour. Comment procéder pour être averti d'une nouvelle mise à jour de GrandOrgue?
The GO internal MIDI player had always played (on a two manual organ) the pedals from channel 3 [for non-GO MIDI recordings]. Before 2205, events would have been matched manual assignments too - yielding to playing the pedal from two channels.

GO MIDI recordings are different, because the various GO sysex adapt the MIDI matching.

PS: If you are using an external MIDI player, please make sure, that it creates a (virtual) MIDI port, GO can connect to.

Exact same sampleset -Piotr Grabowski's Giubiasco organ, with all devices and channel assignments exactly the same.

I loaded in Widor's Tocatta, however, and the Pedal division played in that case.

Maybe I have to use and external player?
Are the MIDI files GO recordings (played back on the same or different sampleset)?
I just upgraded from Mint 17 to 18 and am having a significant problem playing .mid files. Using the same organ, same MIDI Channel Assignments and exact same MIDI File, the new built-in player no longer will play the Pedal Division.

PS - Thank you Martin for getting Grand Orgue setup instructions together for LINUX Mint 18.
English / Re: Grand Orgue not compatible with LINUX MINT 18.2
« Last post by martin on 22. December 2017, 22:06:25 »
Determine, which Ubuntu version your Linux is based and make sure, that you install GO for that Ubuntu version.

Else: You can grab the GO source package for that Ubuntu version (3 files) and compile it yourself:
Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install build-essential fakeroot
dpkg-source -x grandorgue*.dsc
cd grandorgue-0.3.*
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
English / Grand Orgue not compatible with LINUX MINT 18.2
« Last post by Pneuma on 22. December 2017, 05:46:51 »
Linux Mint fails to install in my new LINUX MINT 18.2 upgrade. Help?
French - Français / Conversion d'une banque Hauptwerk vers GranOrgue
« Last post by avoirten on 13. December 2017, 23:47:44 »
Bonsoir. Possédant la banque de son de St Michel en Thiérache qui tourne sur Hauptwerk, existerait-il une possibilité pour utiliser cet instrument avec GrandOrgue?
Forum related / Web server was down
« Last post by mike on 13. December 2017, 00:03:04 »
Due to a disturbance of our web server the MPS organ page was unfortunately
from 10 to 12.12.2017 out of service.
All forum entries and user registrations between 6.12. and 10.12.
unfortunately could not be restored.

We ask new users to register again and existing users
if necessary, re-adjust relevant forum entries.
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