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GrandOrgue is a computer based pipe organ simulator. It enables you to hear the sound of many popular pipe organs within your own living room. Not only to hear them, furthermore to play them! The software GrandOrgue was built under a free license, so you may download it from the web and use it for FREE!

At the last time, the development of GrandOrgue went on in very big steps. In contrast to the earlier versions there are now a lot of more functions and sound quality. Now it is possible to use several of the high quality sampe sets, which where originally designed for the software "Hauptwerk". But to use these sets within GrandOrgue, you need a special adapted Organ Definition File (ODF).

I have built some of these ODF´s for Hauptwerk sample sets. Some for the demo versions and some for the full versions of the sets. And I am still in process to do so with several more of these sets. So I want to share these with you also for FREE!

But first I want to thank all the developers and supporters of the project GrandOrgue in the past, nowadays and in the future.

You did / do a great job for the pleasure of many organ friends in the whole world ! 

Thank You !


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